Member Spotlight: Cast Iron Chop House

Cast Iron Chop House is a traditional American steakhouse located in Trumbull, CT. The restaurant was formerly Marisa’s, owned by Marisa Marini and opened in Bridgeport in 1988. Marisa’s recently served its last meal and in July 2016, it was passed onto Attilio Marini, Marisa’s son. It has since transformed into Attilio’s dream– the Cast Iron Chop House. Attilio, his mother, and the rest of the family are all still on the job every day at the Chop House.

Attilio is known for his steak and doing his own butchering on site, his signature dish being the four pound Powerhouse Porterhouse for two.  “I don’t like the taste of charbroiled meat,” he said of his unique cooking style. “I knew there had to be a better way to make a steak.” At Cast Iron Chop House, the steak dishes are delivered in the sizzling skillet to the patron’s table. The entire dining room is filled with the taste bud-exploding aroma.

Cast Iron Chop House has been a member of the Bridgeport Regional Business Counsel (BRBC), for 25 years and had a few things to say about their relationship thus far. First off, the BRBC has helped their business through creating contacts. Attilio Marini says, “They helped me through exposure of my new concepts and allowed me to reach people I wouldn’t have been able to reach on social media.” Next, the BRBC helped with clientele. Marini says, “One of the benefits of the BRBC is the accessibility of such an affluent group of people.” The BRBC has connections to a number of businesses and people who love to get involved and help other emerging businesses create a network.

When it comes to staying involved in the BRBC to promote his business, he is not always able to attend events, but he says, “Cast Iron Chop House stays involved in the BRBC by keeping its name out there as a member, and even though we are not at many events I am always pro-BRBC.” Marini is seeing his business still grow and with that he is committed to the future relationship with the BRBC. He knows the BRBC can always aid in that growth.


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